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Do you want to share your Internet connection, printer, and storage with the rest of the computers in your home or office? Computer Problems? can help. We can network all your computers so they can communicate with each other share an internet connection and be more cost effective and productive.

We can setup your home or office with a wired connection or a wireless connection, based on your need and budget and we can design a network that both fits your needs for today and the future.

Whether it be one computer you want networked or 100 We can provide not only the service but the hardware to get you up and running.

The introduction of high-speed Internet access through DSL (phone line), Cable, and Wireless modems has changed the way people conduct business and even our day-to-day life.

Fast Internet access has made many activities easier and more accessible from online purchasing and product information, to instant e-mails and working from remote locations.

However, speed and convenience has its perils in the form of computer viruses, hackers, and malicious spyware programs. Fortunately, there are effective tools to help combat these problems. Antivirus software can detect and eliminate viruses before they wreck havoc. Firewalls can stop intruders. Spyware detection software can help protect us from prying eyes.

What is the appropriate level of security for your needs? You can depend on Computer Problems? to wrap a warm, comfortable blanket of security all around your valuable data.

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