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Yes you can! If youve got a Cable or ADSL broadband connection we can set up a simple home network with or without wires. You can even share your printers and files as well! Call us and well come and show you how.

Usually this happens because your computer does not meet the suggested hardware requirements. Minimum requirements stated by Microsoft are just that, the minimum needed to run it. Usually your RAM is not enough (e.g. 1GB for XP, 2GB+ for Vista or Windows 7/8) or your processor is just too slow. Celeron and Pentium 4 processors just dont cut it with Vista & Windows 7/8 which uses approx 4 times more resources than XP. Maybe we can upgrade your PC? Give us a call.

Yes we can! Most PCs can run much faster with some simple tweaks here and there and we can even show you how to keep it running fast. Call us for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on many factors such as what version of Windows you have, how fast your PC is, have you been doing your maintenance (disk cleanup and defrag) every week or so, what virus it is and just what changes the virus has made to your PC. Most take between 1 to 2 hours with about 25% taking up to 3 hours.

I Think Ive got a virus and I dont want to re-format my hard drive. How much will it cost to fix?

My PC is only 2 to 3 years old but now it runs really slow. Can you make it go faster?

I upgraded to the latest Windows and now it runs like a dog. What do I do?

Weve got 2 computers. Is there a way we can both use the same Internet connection?

Yes we can! Perhaps you accidentally made a change to some settings or deleted an important file. Maybe you picked up a nasty from the Internet. Either way we can fix it. Call us for an appointment.

Ive lost my Internet. My provider says it must be a problem with my PC. Can you help?

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Phone: 03-9749-4437

Mobile: 0402-093-352

E-mail: info@computerproblems.net.au

Yes we can! There are many ways to back up files. CD, DVD, External Drive etc. Most things are easy when someone shows you how. Call us for an appointment.

I d like to know how to back up my important files. Can you teach me how?

Yes we can! Online banking is quite safe if your PC is free of nasties and your browser is not compromised. Youll appreciate the extra speed too. Call us for an appointment.

I do Internet banking. Can you check out if my PC is secure and give it a good clean up too?

Computer pricing varies for the same reason prices of cars vary. You wouldnt buy a small car if you needed to tow a heavy load, so we really need to know just what you want to use your PC for. Wed be happy to sit down with you and explain it in easy to understand language and then give you a proper quotation.
If you know your techie stuff and can rattle off the specs you want then we can do that over the phone, otherwise we suggest you call us for an appointment.

I d like to buy a new PC. How much do they cost and can you give me a quote?

Depending on your PCs motherboard, it may or may not have limitations or even take the new gear. Wed be happy to take a look inside and give you a no obligation quote. Call us for an appointment.

I m running out of hard drive space. How much for a bigger hard drive?

Slow PCs arent always caused by lack off memory. Sometimes they just need some maintenance. Wed be happy to take a look and give you a quote. Call us for an appointment.

A friend says my PC is slow because it needs more memory. Can you upgrade it?

Certainly! But perhaps a regularly scheduled service call might save those emergency situations. Why dont you give a call so we can meet you, see your set up and try to understand your business a little better. Then without obligation, we can give you the options and let you decide whats best.

When our customers have the right information they can make informed decisions. We see ourselves as a partner to your business making sure your tools work as they should. When our customers are successful, so are we. Call us for a free, no obligation appointment.

We run a small business with just a few PCs. Can we call you on just an as needed basis?

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