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Computer Problems? ® was formed in 2005 to provide Wyndham city and its surrounds with friendly fast and local on-site IT services for both home and businesses.

With over 25 years experience in IT, our founder, Cliff Hill, recognized that the low priced retail computer shops in the area were targeting those who were prepared to do it themselves and knew exactly what they wanted. Being left out was the many small to medium sized businesses and home users who required a different level of expertise.

“It is all very well to walk into a shop and buy something straight off the shelf, but what if you don’t know what you need, and what do you do when things go wrong or don’t work as they should? Shops sell boxes, we provide full on-site service.” says Mr. Hill.

Indeed, many computer users and owners see IT as a tool to help them in their business or as an entertainment and communication device and just want them to work, leaving the fixing to specialists.

“You don’t need to be a plumber to have hot water in your house”, claims Mr. Hill. “If my hot water isn’t working I get a plumber to visit me, not the other way around”

Whether you downloaded something you shouldn’t have and picked up a virus or some other nasty, or your PC or network is not running like it should we can help.

Need to share a broadband connection or network your devices together, we’ve got the right advice and expertise to complete the job.

Concerned about security or the right way to back up your important files, we can assess your needs and ensure things are secure and a continuity plan is in place.

We also specialize in building customizable hi-performance AMD ® processor PCs and Servers.

Understanding the customer's needs allows us to offer a friendly and down-to-earth manner of service without the “geek-speak” which we believe is the key to guaranteed success.

We regret, due to Apple’s exclusively proprietary nature for both the hardware and software, we do not service or repair iPads or Mac Systems.

Phone: 03-9749-4437

Mobile: 0402-093-352

E-mail: info@computerproblems.net.au

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