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Sick PC? We’ve got the cure.

Does your computer run slow?
Do you think you have a Virus or Spyware (Software that can steal your information and use it for anything).
Have your kids been downloading stuff and now your computer runs really slow or not at all?

A Virus can make your computer run slow, make pop-up windows open when you are on the Internet and steal your personal information.

Some nasties are easy to fix and some aren’t but regardless, Computer Problems? ®  CAN FIX IT!


Phone: 03-9749-4437

Mobile: 0402-093-352

E-mail: info@computerproblems.net.au

To contact us:

Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware, etc

We can clean your computer of the virus's and spyware you have or, we can re-format your drive (completely erase all data) and you can start over.

If you choose to have it cleaned we can remove the viruses and spyware but it can take up to 3 times longer and there is no guarantee that all data can be retrieved although 99% of the time data can be 100%.  If you’ve lost your disks and haven’t backed up this may be your only option.

If you choose to have it re-formatted
we will also completely patch and update the operating system provided you have your original disks and they are genuine licensed versions (a genuine Microsoft ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ label affixed to your PC case). For a new computer this takes approx 1 to 1.5 hours including motherboard driver software.

We can also backup your documents and pictures to CD or DVD so that you minimize the loss of data and you have a permanent copy, however, backing up can take a long time so you really should get into the habit of regularly doing this yourself. CDs and DVDs are so cheap these days there really is no excuse for not backing up things that you don’t want to lose.

If you have extra software that you need loaded, we can load the software only if you have original genuine licensed versions .

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